Bootheel Health Alliance


The Bootheel Health Alliance (BHA) provides:

  1. Health Education
  2. Health Screenings
  3. Support Groups
  4. Community Engagement

Program Goals

  1. Decrease risk factors for diabetes and obesity
  2. Decrease disparities in obesity rates and diabetes control
  3. To improve the overall mental health of individuals diagnosed with diabetes or obesity
  4. Implement a community-driven approach to preventing and managing diabetes and obesity.

Network Partners

  • Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium
  • SEMO Health Network
  • Gibson Recovery Center
  • NHS Distributors, Inc.
  • Southeast Missouri Rural Minority Health Coalition
  • Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start

Upcoming Courses

Welcome to our first Power to Prevent class at the Bowden Center!

Mrs. Mertis Oliver was a participant in one of the Power to Prevent group classes. She graduated from the class in March 2018 and remains a participant of the BHA program. Since graduating, Mrs. Oliver has lost a total of 25 pounds!

She states that she downloaded an app (Fat burning workout full body plan) on her phone that helped with motivation to exercise. The app shows how to do the exercise and even sends a reminder. She exercises in the morning and in the evening.

She now has more energy than before and states that exercising at night has improved her ability to fall asleep.  She is also eating better and works on portion control with her meals. With the combination of exercise and healthier eating Mrs. Oliver has also been able to keep her blood sugars under control.

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