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Volunteer Appreciation Award Recipients 2020

Below are the photos taken at the Bowden Center of Healthy Start Clients and Community Action Network Volunteers for the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Virtual Learning Collaborative Event on December 18, 2020. Click the dots to scroll through the images. Click a image to enlarge the photo.

Why do we do CAN?

Only through combined action by people in the community can we reduce infant mortality and build healthy families in the Bootheel.

Benefits of joining Community Action Network

Improve the social welfare of those who need it the most; infants in our community.
Sharing information to increase knowledge on health disparities within our community.
Collaboration with organizations & individuals with the same agenda to promote infant vitality.
Improve the social & economic impact on the Bootheel by Creating a healthy future for infants.

Some of the Factors Contributing to Infant Mortality

34% of pregnant women do not receive exercise.
10 babies per every 1000 live births are born low birth weight.
Nearly 20% of mothers smoke during pregnancy, 3 times higher than the national average.
25 to 30% of Bootheel women do not receive prenatal care in their first trimester.
Teen birth rates are two times the state and national average at 44% per every 1000 live births.

Interesting Facts

Missouri’s infant mortality rate is 6.9 for every 1000 live births.
The Bootheel infant mortality rate is 21% higher than the rest of the state.
Disparities are greater among underserved and minority populations.
African American babies are twice as likely to die before their first birthday compared to White babies.

Partner for Collective Impact

Community Action Network (CAN) is a coalition of consumers, providers, and community leaders to enact community-level change. A major focus of CAN is reducing disparities in perinatal outcomes through cross-sector information sharing, collaboration, and linkages.

Collective Impact— Organizations and individuals working together in pursuit of a clearly-defined common goal. It is about uniting people and organizations from various areas in the community to solve complex social problems, such as infant mortality.


Recruits a diverse, cross-sectoral representation of consumers, community members, agencies, and business leaders
Supports coordination and integration services to create positive system and community change
Convenes partners to establish a common agenda that includes a shared mission and priorities
Targets and addresses complex perinatal health issues

We are seeking active volunteers to be members of the Community Action Network (CAN)

Benefits of becoming a CAN member

Collaboration with other agencies
Mileage reimbursement
Childcare reimbursement
Transportation to educational events
Educational workshops, conferences & training
Social media

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