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MBRC Programs

Bootheel Health Alliance (BHA)

The Bootheel Health Alliance (BHA) provides services in Health Education, Health Screenings, Case Management and Depression Groups.

Fly Support Group

First Love Yourself (FLY) Women’s Support Groups are dedicated exclusively for Healthy Start Consumers, Parents and Consortium members ages 18 and over.

Male Empowerment Now

The Male Empowerment Now (MEN) Program provides fathers aged 18-30 with a 6 month case management program.

Healthy Start

Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start’s case managers work with individuals to gain access to the healthcare and other community services they need.

Case Management

We work with women who are pregnant and families with children less than 2 years of age to gain access to healthcare and other community services. MBHS encourages first trimester (week 1 – week 12) enrollment.

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Healthy Start Clients - do you need a ride?

We offer transportation for Healthy Start Clients prenatal , WIC  and counseling appointments, Healthy Start events and workshops and MEN’s Classes.

For more info call us at (573)471-9400.

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