Sharing Love from Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start

“Sharing Love from Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start”

February is the month for recognition of appreciation & celebration of love to our loved ones; Valentine’s Day! Appreciation and celebration of love should be an everyday thing; however, with the busy daily events, it can be quite easy for people to forget & overlook our blessings with our loved ones. February is just the perfect month to remind us of just that because it is right after the month of New Year’s and it is also in the beginning of the year to leave us the rest of the year to be grateful and appreciative of our loved ones.

At MBRC, we used the month of February to highlight our Healthy Start clients and their successes with our program. Success comes in small & large package, but a success is a success regardless of how big or small it may be, especially with the Healthy Start program. We believe that every baby deserves a healthy beginning and every mother deserves the support she needs to be a parent she aims to be. Good parenting comes in many forms, but one thing they have in common is the full dedication and the will to be the best she or he can be. In February, one success story per day was highlighted to show our appreciation for those that have achieved or continue to achieve their successes as a parent with the support through the Healthy Start. February is the month of love and we want to show our love to our clients.

Below are our success stories from our HS clients:

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Prepared by: Amy Lin

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