Electrical Hazards

Every year babies and children across the country end up in the emergency room seriously injured from electrical accidents. These incidents can even lead to death. In our modern world, it is unlikely that we will be living in a space where electricity isn’t constantly surrounding us, so our job as parents and caregivers is to do what we can to ensure that children are protected from this hazard.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through the installation of outlet covers. These covers can come in a variety of styles, of which three are most popular.

Client B. Graham shows off her MBRC outlet protector

The first is the simple plug style. These covers have prongs similar to an electrical plug with a flat top that makes it difficult to remove from the outlet. Some of these styles might have buttons or small levers to make removal simpler for adults. MBRC provides these covers to its clients free of cost.

Second is a plastic box that can be screwed into the wall around the outlet or simply snap onto the outlet. These covers allow the user to use the outlet even when it’s covered.

Finally, some outlet plates feature self-closing outlets which have sliding pieces of plastic built into them which make it very difficult for children to stick other pieces of metal into them.

If you need help babyproofing your home, don’t hesitate to call us here at MBRC!

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