HIV Stigma and Myths

HIV is a serious issue facing rural populations around the globe, and our area is no different.   We find that there are still a number of sterotypes and myths about HIV/AIDS being spread around, so let’s address them.   First – what is HIV?  “HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It weakens a person’s […]

Electrical Hazards

Every year babies and children across the country end up in the emergency room seriously injured from electrical accidents. These incidents can even lead to death. In our modern world, it is unlikely that we will be living in a space where electricity isn’t constantly surrounding us, so our job as parents and caregivers is […]

Lameka’s Breastfeeding Story

August is National Breastfeeding Month, one of our favorite months to celebrate at MBRC! We encourage all of our participants to breastfeed with the goal of exclusive breastfeeding up to age 6 months, as recommended by the World Health Organization and the American Association of Pediatricians. One of our breastfeeding moms shared her story with […]

Fatherhood Coordinator

Sikeston, MO – The Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome Anthony Crawford Jr. as the Healthy Start Fatherhood Program Coordinator. Anthony will play a critical role in a team approach to involving and supporting the fathers/males that are part of Healthy Start families through enhanced outreach, recruitment, case management, engagement, […]

Keep Safe in the Heat

With the heat index climbing this weekend it’s important to step back and see what needs to be done to stay safe during the summer. Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are at a greater risk for heat-related illnesses.     Never Leave a Child (or pet) In The Car – A car intensifies the […]

Cardinals Care Grant

MBRC is so excited and grateful to announce that we received a grant from the Cardinals Care Foundation! Cardinals Care is the team’s community foundation dedicated to improving the lives of children. Established in 1997, Cardinals Care gives fans a way of teaming up with Cardinals players and the organization to help children in our […]

Client Success Story: Meleicka Bradley

When Meleicka Bradley began her journey with Healthy Start Case Management she was pregnant and facing a number of crises. These included dealing with anxiety and depression and coping with the reality of homelessness. Through her time in the program working with Case Manager and Certified Lactation Counselor Shira Bills, she has implemented a number […]

Maternal Mortality and Health Inequities

Maternal Mortality: Why are women dying? It seems like something out of a film set in ancient history – a new mother seems fine but keeps insisting that something is wrong only to be ignored by those around her. The situation worsens until she dies suddenly. Unfortunately, for all too many families in the United […]

Infant Mortality Month 2018

Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start (MBHS) has been linking women and families to the services in five Bootheel counties for 21 years and is highlighting Infant Mortality Awareness Month this September in order to continue to help babies grow and thrive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the death of a baby before his […]

Ask a CLC, Part 2

This week we will be looking at another common question our CLC Shira hears. One of the biggest reasons why women stop breastfeeding or never begin in the first place is nipple soreness or pain. While this is a common side effect of breastfeeding it is not to be expected – instead, it indicates an […]

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