Local Partners

Building Blocks

Building Blocks/Nurse – Family Partnership is an evidence-based, nurse home visiting program that improves the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of low income, first-time parents and their children. Building Blocks/NFP Nurse Home Visitors with Southeast Home Health work with clients to achieve three important goals:

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve child health
  • Improve child development

Caring Communities

Caring Communities is a citizen-driven community collaborative involving efforts by the state of Missouri to work with neighborhood leaders, citizens, business, civic and labor leaders to improve the lives of children and families in Mississippi County and part of Scott County. MCCC develops resources that will help Mississippi County residents become empowered and self-sufficient. MCCC provides opportunities to residents of all ages by coordinating services, programs, and projects, by providing them locally. Our Goals revolve around Missouri’s Community Partnerships 6 Core Results

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

CCSOMO is a faith-based 501(c)(3) agency established in 2009 and governed by a Board of Directors. We are part of the Catholic Charities USA network, which is comprised of 171 Catholic Charities agencies nationwide.

Empower Missouri

Empower Missouri is a citizen membership organization founded in 1901. Organized in the Progressive Era, we started in St. Louis as the Missouri Conference on Corrections and Charities. We were mostly a statewide professional forum for philanthropists, government employees of human services agencies, and private charity professionals. For the first decade, our activities consisted mostly of meeting once a year to discuss social problems and read papers.

Empower Missouri became a more activist organization in 1910, with our first legislative committee under the leadership of Roger Baldwin, subsequent founder of the American Civil Liberties Union. We began advocating for changes in public policy to improve social conditions. Among our first major successes was the creation of the Widow’s Pension Program, a pilot project in Jackson County, Missouri, which spread around the country and became the model for the national Aid to Dependent Children Program passed in the Social Security Act of 1935.

Mission Missouri

Mission Missouri is a faith-based social services agency specializing in Recovery Support Services, credentialed as an Access to Recovery Access Site in 2005 as well as certified by the Department of Mental Health for substance abuse counseling.

Missouri First Steps

First Steps is Missouri’s Early Intervention system that provides services to families with children, birth to three years of age, with disabilities or developmental delays. The program is designed to meet the needs of families related to enhancing their child’s development, learning, and participation in family and community life.

The New Madrid County Family Resource Center

The New Madrid County Family Resource Center offers opportunities that benefit children, families and communities. Through youth and parenting programs employment assistance and community engagement, the Center, sponsored by the New Madrid County Caring Community Partnership, provides opportunities and support to meet today’s many life challenges.

Non-Profit Missouri

Nonprofit Missouri (NPMO) is the collective voice to unite, strengthen and advance the nonprofit sector in Missouri. Created by and for nonprofits, it is Missouri’s first organization to promote the common interests of the state’s more than 15,000 nonprofits.

Formed in 2010, Nonprofit Missouri has grown to support nonprofit organizations and nonprofit professionals by providing training, education, guidance for:

  • Managing and leading more effectively;
  • Fostering and sustaining fruitful collaborations;
  • Achieving greater impact in communities;
  • Monitoring nonprofit legislative issues;
  • Advocating on critical policy issues affecting the sector;
  • Promoting the value of nonprofits.

Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership

The Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership promotes adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention by uniting Missouri through advocacy, collaboration, training, and public awareness. Founded in 1997, TPPP is a non-profit that works with youth-serving adults to promote comprehensive, medically accurate sexual health education.

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