Healthy Start Clients: My Breastfeeding Journey


August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. MBRC celebrates and raises awareness on the importance of breastfeeding & provides a long list of benefits for both baby and mom. Breastfeeding is a protective factor for infant mortality, which is why at MBRC we strongly encourage mothers to breastfeed during the child’s first year! Like the saying,


“Breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development.”
– Read the UNICEF & WHO WBW Message



One of our Healthy Start objectives is to help mothers in the program to increase their knowledge about breastfeeding & understand all the benefits there are to breastfeeding for both the mother and the baby. Healthy Start staff also assists mothers in ways that they can help encourage them to choose breastfeeding over formula feeding—whether it is to help with getting breast pump or getting in touch with local resources. Many mothers may already be aware that breastfeeding has many challenges, such as poor latch, low milk supply, sore nipples, thrush, etc. Some mothers may claim that breastfeeding was easy for them; however, it is not easy for all mothers. It is important to understand that every breastfeeding journey is a different & unique one.


To help inspire mothers in our communities, we have asked our Healthy Start clients to share their breastfeeding journey with us! We are very thankful and appreciative of the mothers that were able to share their inspiring breastfeeding stories with us, along with some of their tips to overcome breastfeeding challenges & messages for soon-to-be mothers who hope to breastfeed! 14054023_1088918661185834_5409204661008819967_n14067732_1085406618203705_66550526507578989_o
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