New Arrivals

The following is a list of babies born recently to Missouri Bootheel Healthy Start clients.

R. Bostic 1/6/2020 R. Bostic
N. Simpson 1/24/2020 D. Spence
K. Claybrooks 12/9/2019 A. Mims
T. Causey 1/10/2020 A. Reeves
N. Rodgers 2/9/2020 A. Rodgers
Z. Washington 2/2/2020 T.Baker
Z. Taylor 1/28/2020 M. Bradley
L. Smith 1/9/2020 A.Tipler
A. Buchanan 1/14/2020 A. Buchanan
R. Jones 12/25/2019 A. Jones
L. Ware 2/19/2020 K. Clark
A. Horton 3/16/2020 M. Horton

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